March 5th Sunday  – Next steps

I have made it to Ohiggins.   The trip back has been beautiful. I got the ferry up Lago Desierto a day early so I could spend two nights there before crossing through the moutains to Chile (My decompression from the tourist world of Chalten).  The north side of the lake is beautiful but usually windy and rainy.

The first night was the worst winds I have experienced at the lake, but it was good to be there.

The second day, most of the campers left (hikers need two days to get over to the pass and the few cyclist there do the same). I decided to stay and spend a quiet day by myself (nobody was there other than the Argentinian border guards).   So my days was basically spent doing small walks near the lake (limited options because the mountains come steeply down to the water), reading, even taking nap.  Late afternoon, I woke up to sun and warms, so I did some fishing. No luck, so I tried again in the early evening and landed a great 15+” trout :-).  So, I had a great dinner, though cooking a large fish on my tiny stove is.a challenge.

I woke up the next day to day with no wind.  Unheard of in a place with regular gusts to 30MPH.  ZERO wind. The lake was flat, the sun came out, and the clouds disappeared for a rare and special view of Chalten

Nope, that ain’t Photoshop

Anyway, this is supposed to be only about plans (stories over beer, remember?)  I am in procrastination mode today, so I will spend a day here in Ohiggins.  Tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday I will spend riding to Chocrane.  It is an aggressive schedule (lots of mountains, rain, cold and some rough roads) but I hope to cover the distance in 3 days (maybe 2?) as I want get north to Parque Patagonia and route 41 in Argentina ASAP.

So…assuming all goes well I will check in on Tuesday evening or Wed AM.

Catch ya later!


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