Winter on the Carretera Austral!

I was bored last night, looking through old pictures, and started wondering what the riding the Carretera in the winter would be like.  Look what I found!  Nicholas Gault did it and blogged about it. Apparently lots of others do too! Holy S#%T! I need to man up. California has made me so soft. 😛 … Continue reading Winter on the Carretera Austral!


The Courage to Live Consciously

“Don’t die without embracing the daring adventure your life is meant to be. You may go broke. You may experience failure and rejection repeatedly. You may endure multiple dysfunctional relationships. But these are all milestones along the path of a life lived courageously. They are your private victories, carving a deeper space within you to … Continue reading The Courage to Live Consciously