Why this trip? 2.0 – Re-entry and real honesty

I owe the world an apology. OK, maybe an apology is the wrong thing. I owe it to the world, and to you, to be real. Though I wrote a blog for part of my trip, I must admit I was really hesitant to do it. Yes, I wanted my friends and family to not … Continue reading Why this trip? 2.0 – Re-entry and real honesty


Random Pictures

I am in Coyhaique today with a very rare fast internet connection. I figured I would just post some of my favorite pictures. They are not in any particular order but hopefully with give you a better flavor of this adventure.

New Plans

For those of you on Facebook, you might be aware of the difficulties of my last few days. For those of you who have avoided CrackBook, first off, congratulations and, second, here is the quick summary.( don't have my keyboard so will make it brief) I left Chalten a few days ago planning to head … Continue reading New Plans