Time to start writing

So, the big trip is over.  Now I get to go through that weird re-entry phase.  Want to watch me freak out? Put me in a huge suburban Safeway with 10 billion options and I freeze like a squirrel caught in the headlights. You know the scene. A squirrel freaking out, trying to decide what to do, … Continue reading Time to start writing


Trip videos!

I took a bunch of random short videos along my journey.  I posted some to Facebook, but I know some family members have said "no" to succumbing to the dark side and joining that world. So...that said, I strung them all together and am posting here. I'll withhold commentary about these. They are just random … Continue reading Trip videos!

New Plans

For those of you on Facebook, you might be aware of the difficulties of my last few days. For those of you who have avoided CrackBook, first off, congratulations and, second, here is the quick summary.( don't have my keyboard so will make it brief) I left Chalten a few days ago planning to head … Continue reading New Plans